Type of personality towards beauty. I’m the middle way, what about you?

Read an interesting online article today. Never know what I am until I found this page. It’s very true, beauty requires effort and that little efforts make a lot of changes. Read to understand your personality towards beauty and find the best way that fit you best.

I’m from The Middle Way, what are yours?

201009-omag-beauty-illos-101-300x205  Low Maintenance

You like camping (and you don’t need a tent). You moisturise with ‘whatever’s around.” You use your tweezers about twice a year…. to remove splinters.

What you need :  Cleansers I Day Moisturisers I Night Cream

201009-omag-beauty-illos-102-300x205The Middle Way

You like going to camp. You feel overdressed if your blush is visible. You clean up your eyebrows every few months.

What you need : Cleansers I Day Moisturiser I Night Cream I Exfoliators I Eye Cream

201009-omag-beauty-illos-103-300x205High Maintenance

The only camp you like is Dame Edna. You bare-naked face involves tinted moisturiser, lip gloss and mascara. You carry tweezers and a magnifying mirror in your bag/

What you need : Cleansers I Day Moisturiser I Night Cream I Exfoliators I Eye Cream I Spot Treatments I Masks I Allover Treatments




How to choose an anti cellulite cream?

There are many cellulite creams in the market. However some of the creams are moisturizer and make no claims to reduce cellulite. Therefore we must always be smart when choosing cellulite creams because only particular ingredients that have the effect in reducing cellulite.

Also not to forget, as our age grows, our skin tends to get thinner and lose moisture. It is very important for us to choose the good and right product. The best cellulite creams will make our entire cellulite treatment process more pleasurable.

A good cellulite cream should able to

  • Reduce water retention for a smoother look to the skin
  • Tighten and tone up your skin
  • Attack the fatty cells beneath your skin that caused cellulite
  • Boosting fat metabolism to make cellulite less obvious

Exercise that helps to reduce cellulite

Usually exercise can help to improve our circulation and also, it is known as the best way to breakdown of the accumulated fats. What cellulite exercise can help to cellulite treatment? Read what is cellulite and what cause cellulite. You can reach your desired result if working together creams and other methods are combined. 

There are few cellulite exercises that are proven to reduce the cellulite appearance. It is believed to help to tone up your skin and make it firmer and tighter.

Let’s see what are the cellulite exercise is good for lightening the appearance of cellulite and improve the skin surface to make it smoother and sexier.


cellulite exercises - running

This is one of the fastest way to help to burn body fats, plus it strengthen the leg muscles. The muscles exert much force for it to release body heat and burn cellulite around your thighs and hips. It is advisable to run about 30 – 40 minutes daily and keep it consistent. Results can be seen within 2 weeks if running in a proper and right position.


cellulite exercises - cycling

This exercise will exert a lot of body force. Personally I love cycling very much, because you will get to sweat a lot and you wouldn’t get tired easily because basically only your bottom part is moving. If you want to burn fats on your upper part, then this exercise may not be the best for you.

Brisk Walk

cellulite exercises - brisk walk

When you are walking, much energy is released starting from the feet, the legs, and the nervous system. This is the most effective and most recommended exercise to everyone and it is very good if you want to get rid of cellulite. We need to walk everyday eventually, it is just a matter whether it is a long distance or short. Form it as daily activity that is considered a work out like walk to the nearest grocery store instead of driving, take the stairs instead the lift, walk to work if your workplace is nearby to your house like myself J

Lifting the legs while lying flat on your back

cellulite exercises - lifting the legs while lying flat on back

The best way to burn your buttock’s fat. Your body force triggers the back of the thighs where most cellulite are found. Repeat the steps for 30 times before you go to bed. That’s what normally I do each night.

Working alone with one method may not achieve your desired results. You need to combine other methods, like cellulite cream in order to speed up the recovering process. Whatever methods you use must serve the purpose of freeing fats that are circulating inside your body and turn them into useful fat nutrients. A proper method is vital to cure it to make sure leaving no scars and loosed skin.